Family Mart to Close at the End of Next Month

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According to the staff at the Family Mart located right outside of the Jinqiao dorms, due to the company’s decision not to renew the space’s lease, it will be closing its doors next month. 

Sophia Johnson, a rising sophomore, shares her favorite experience with the Family Mart staff; “When I would go with my friends to family mart all the time, my Chinese wasn’t good, but the family mart staff would always know exactly what I wanted.” She continued to mention how after lockdown, and having the opportunity to improve her Chinese, she was able to return and have conversations with the staff. She said, “I was finally able to communicate with them properly, and it was really full circle to be able to order properly.” 

The staff also mentioned that this closure could be attributed to the inability to make profits due to Covid, and mentioned how recent lockdowns hindered the branches’ ability to pay rent, as prices continued to be expensive. 

Tiffany Leong, also a rising sophomore, said “It really sucks, because now there won’t be anywhere near the dorms to get that kind of thing – it’s a convenience store for a reason.”

Author: Keigan Carpenter

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