Chinese Immersion Program Concludes First Session

On May 24th, NYU Shanghai’s Summer Chinese Immersion Program began, with 11 students participating. As of last week, the students have concluded their first session. Students of both intermediate and advanced levels have been attending classes and cultural activities, as well as enjoying weekly field trips all while speaking Chinese. In preparation for the start of the second and final session, students were given a week’s break.

Annie Church, a rising sophomore, mentioned that her favorite aspect of the immersion program so far has been the opportunity to try new foods. She said, “Cultural dishes and being exposed to different types of Chinese cuisine,” was her highlight of this experience. 

Since students usually study one unit a day during class, Annie also mentioned that the most difficult part of the immersion program has been the pace. 

Tiffany Leong, a rising sophomore shared that she has been using the break in between sessions to relax. She said, “I just lay down because there is not much time to do anything but rest.”  Furthermore, she mentioned that while the program may have been fast-paced, it has been worth it, stating  “Overall, it’s been very good and I feel like I’ve learned a lot.”

As of today, immersion program students will begin their second session and will conclude their program fully after completing final exams on August 5th. 

Author: Keigan Carpenter

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