Outfit of the Week: Jiayu Rain Han, Class of ‘20

“My style is more sweet and cute, and I get a lot of inspiration from the Japanese and Korean tv-shows I watch, and magazines from there that I read. I still like European and American fashion too, but I feel like it wouldn’t fit me as well since I’m a bit short… I usually mostly wear grey or black colors, since I just think it looks better, however sometimes I add something small that has a brighter color!”

“I bought my bag at the Shanghai Center of Photography, when I went there for a field trip with my Contemporary Art class. When we got there, we saw one of the actual photographers who we’ve talked about in class, which that was really cool, and then I just saw the bag in the gallery store and noticed it had one of his photo on it, and I really liked that work too. The bag is actually not really my style, but I like it because it’s different, like something new. Besides, I see it as a memory of the trip there too, so that’s important as well.”

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Photo Credit: Sabina Olsson

Author: Sabina Olsson

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