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Market Updates – March

We are very excited to present the very first official B&E newsletter, which will cover headlines that matter in the global markets.

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Insights on the TAMID Fellowship

The TAMID Fellowship is one of the most recognized undergraduate student fellowships, providing students with the opportunity to intern in Israel for 8 weeks, with housing and airfare included. They insure every fellow with food stipends, internships, and three trips around the north and south of Israel as well as Jerusalem. Companies can range from small start-ups promoting women’s safety such as SafeUp, to multinational companies such as KPMG and Deloitte. Networking events with industry experts and direct communication with senior managers make the fellowship unique in its exposure of the Israeli workforce to incoming professionals. This past summer I was one of the two NYU Shanghai students who was able to physically go to Tel Aviv, serving as the first in-person Fellows after the eruption of COVID-19.

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