Goldenrod Exhibit Review

After all, it wouldn’t do to have a gallery space in the first place if it isn’t going to be used. The formal exhibition, and its intended themes, are all an outward representation of the school itself: our avid patronage of the arts and the environmentalist values we endorse.

Letter from the Editor

Dear NYU Shanghai community and readers, First, let me introduce myself; my name is Ben Haller and I’m the new editor-in-chief of On Century Avenue (OCA). I admittedly have big shoes to fill taking over from Allie, last year’s editor-in-chief, but I’m very grateful for this opportunity. While I’m an economics major, journalism has always […]

If You Want Something Done Right, Do It Yourself

Anyone who chooses to run for Student Government and plans on dedicating hours of their time each week to serving our community deserves every other student’s respect. Lashing out at those who are committing to serve you and dedicate their time to fight on your behalf, whether or not you agree with them or had a bad experience with them in the past, is ignoring the problem at hand.

Don’t You Dare Take the Elevator For One Floor

“You good-for-not-much, one-floor-riding, blisslessly ignorant, time-wasting, annoying little ding-dongs. Please stop it. Please just stop. You don’t need to do this. No one needs you to do this. You are wasting time, you are wasting electricity, you are wasting my remaining nerve endings. Your foolish, witless buffoonery has not benefited anyone,” writes OCA Contributing Writer Mohos Mate.

FoS Is Life

“FoS mandates more courses than other majors, but the challenges facilitate rigor. The wonderful opportunities – excellent faculty, chance for direct interactions with the professors, and research scopes – that are present actively rewards our efforts,” writes freshman FoS student Raiyan Reza.

The Sex & Cash Theory

“The pursuit of stability feels a bit like a pay-off. Jonathan wants an income so that he can pay for rent and food and transport and Netflix, but he can’t deny the allure of a project that gets his heart racing and blood pumping. This isn’t new. This is “The Sex & Cash Theory.” OCA’s Managing Editor Stephanie Bailey tackles the dilemma NYU Shanghai students face after graduating.

I Am Happy

At a time when several Americans around the world are disfraught about election results, Allison Chesky explains why she is happy to be at NYU Florence despite being away from home.

The Discomfort Zone

Universities, especially small and liberal ones like NYU Shanghai, are supposed to be a place where ideas are spread freely and students engage in open debate to tackle the world’s biggest issues. But increasingly these debates are limited by safe spaces—we don’t want to offend or hurt anybody.

If Kanye West Was a Woman

In an alternate universe, our very own bratty, self-obsessed genius, Kanye West, is a woman. She’s a musical genius, and she knows it – but some days even the strongest of women need to vent their troubles away. This is West, the woman, in an honest rant about the industry she’s made her career in.

Privilege at NYU Shanghai

I feel privileged when people complain, because it means that I live with people who have it so good that they expect things, demand things, instead of asking, calling for, working with the administration, requesting, proposing solutions themselves.

Beyoncé is Black

When black people are not able to freely practice the most basic elements of cultural identity without persecution, meanwhile, other people are being praised as innovative or exotic and possibly making big bucks off these elements, the culture is not being shared. It is being stolen.

In Conversation with Congressman Smith

On Feb. 16, United States Congressman Chris Smith visited NYU Shanghai at the invitation of Vice Chancellor Jeffrey Lehman. After a brief reception and introduction, the Congressman addressed a large group of students, professors, and university staff. As a student of this unique university, I wish to express my reaction to Rep. Smith, not as […]

So It Goes

The following piece was written by a close friend of Chase McMillan. The OCA Editorial Staff would like to extend the invitation to the NYU Shanghai community and others who knew Chase to add their own memories of Chase below. “Nobody Exists on Purpose. Nobody Belongs Anywhere. Everybody is Going to Die. Come Watch T.V”. […]