The OCA Family

 Managing Board

Gordon Fan (范思诚), President

Hi, I’m Gordon Fan. I’m a sophomore majoring in Social Science and minoring in Humanities. Born in a small city in the north of China, I grew up in a metropolitan city, Shanghai. This experience always leads me to the thinking of personal identity, migration, governing, and moreover the many social issues around us. At On Century Avenue, I’m also working as a journalist and writer, which gives me more opportunities to make the world my major. 

Throughout the Freshman year, I had worked in the Student Government, attended the NYU Global Student Council Summit, and performed in the Thespian Society (Theater club). Currently, I’m also an editor for Weilu (围炉), a cross-school student media which includes many prestigious Chinese universities. 

I believe On Century Avenue will be a great platform that fully represents the student body as well as a bridge to connect between the students and the school. We will also carry out deep exploration about this society from the unique perspective of a student media. 

Looking forward to this journey!


Antonia Leiva Crossley, Vice President

Hola! my name is Antonia, from Chile and I am currently a Sophomore, majoring in Business and Finance. Coming from Chile and living and working in different places of the world, I was privileged enough to grow up in very diverse contexts. These experiences have shaped who I am today; I have learned how to put myself in someone else’s shoes, and I have learned to respect others. In freshman year, I was an Assistant Director of Global Affair Committee of Student Government, I would like to think that I have developed skills such as time management, idea- planning, managing budgets and one of the most important qualities, to work in teams and bring ideas together to show the best way to execute our goals.

Angel Olvera, Chief Editor

Hey everyone, my name is Angel, and I’m the Chief Editor of On Century Avenue. I am currently a sophomore majoring in Political-Economy. Born and raised in a small town in Texas, I have seen firsthand the devastating effects of neoliberal indoctrination.

I grew up impoverished and, at times, homeless, in the wealthiest nation in world history. The absurd fact of this matter has propelled me into a life of advocacy. Engaging with people in varying positions on economic and political spectrums, I have gathered one key takeaway: The current global systems of power — whether they be governments, powerful corporations, or the increasingly-common combination of the two — are corrosive to the wellbeing of the general population. This understanding of the world leads me to believe that it is imperative that we challenge forms of authority. If they can prove their authoritative legitimacy, spectacular; if not, they should be altered or replaced. 

Student-operated media, like On Century Avenue, provide a phenomenal platform for questing these forms of authority.

Elisa Zheng (郑鸣谦), News Director

Hi, I’m Elisa Zheng from Shanghai. I’m a sophomore and still hesitating to make a choice between majoring in Mathematics and Data Science. I used to be a reporter of Children Daily (少年日报) and worked for high school’s TV station as the director of the photography department. Last year, I joined the Shanghai Students’ Federation (上海学联) as a member of the new media department responsible for WeChat official account’s copywriting and typesetting. With the working experiences in both traditional media and new media, I’m so excited to begin a new journey with our News Committee and On Century Avenue family! Do you want to have your own voice heard by more people? Join us! 

Bongani Musikavanhu, Product Director

Sup, I’m Bongani Musikavanhu I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and currently live in Boston Massachusetts. I am a Sophomore seeking to major in Business and Finance. However, I am also a passionate musician and videographer. I like to test my editing skills by making vlogs, and I push my musicianship by rapping in Chinese. My hopes are to develop my artistry as well as represent and merge various cultures. I value unity and understanding, and I feel as though art and media allow us to bridge those gaps and understand each other.

Robert Xiong (熊浩辰), Media Director

Hi, I’m Robert Xiong, the Director of Media Committee at On Century Avenue. Probably going to double major in IMA and Business, but I am still not sure right now. Born in a small city called Leshan, I also lived in Chengdu for six years. I won a Most Creative Award in an animation design competition during my freshman year and previously I just finished an internship in a consulting company. I do believe On Century Avenue will be a great, or the greatest platform for us as students here to participate in different affairs, communicate with each other, and record what worth recording in our own history. Looking forward to the future, and also to your coming!

Jasper Chang, Treasurer

Hey, I’m Jasper Chang. I’m a sophomore majoring in economics and business & finance. Originally born in the US, I attended an international school in Taiwan until high school before moving back to California. As an avid writer and photographer/videographer with 7 years of experience, I’ve previously worked for my high school’s magazine, newspaper, along with multiple blogs/websites. Upon moving to Shanghai, I ran for class representative the first semester and interned at Advance Medical (now part of Teladoc Health). As a finance and economics double major, it will also be interesting to apply my skills into club management. I am super excited to be able to contribute my prior experience and knowledge towards the On Century Avenue team.

 Opinions Committee

Michelle Li

Hello there! My name is Michelle, from New York City. I was Copy Chief of my high school publication, and have won competitions for my poetry and artwork. Writing, in all of its forms, is a passion of mine and I hope that I can be able to channel it productively into journalistic writing. That is why, right now, I am in the News and Opinion Committee. I hope that, through investigation and reporting, that I can not only learn more, but share that acquired knowledge with others.

Vivian Zhou

Hiya! I’m Vivian! It is my second year at NYU Shanghai and I am doing a major in Business and Marketing and a minor in Social Science. I am born n’ raised in New York City and I really encourage all of you to visit sometime! It is a very very good city. In my free time, I like to visit cafes and sightsee all of the same places that I’ve already been to. The Flatiron Building in NYC is one of my faves—can never get enough! I also enjoy time with friends and family but meeting new people is very fun as well. Super pumped to be a part of the OCA team this semester! 

Matthew V. Ballou

Hi! I’m Matt, a sophomore here at NYU Shanghai. I come from New York City in the United States, but now I live in a rural town in the small state of New Hampshire. I enjoy reading, writing, long talks involving existential crises, and political activism. I used to be team captain of my high school’s robotics team, travelled to Cuba for humanitarian aid, and even made it on the newspaper for one of my speeches in my hometown. I’m excited to contribute to the change I want to see in NYU Shanghai, starting with the On Century Avenue community.

Boyu Wang (王伯宇 Burger)

Hello everyone! I am Burger, a sophomore at NYUSH. I always think that as a college student, the vision should not be limited to learning. We should pay more attention to more macro issues and be brave enough to express our views. I like to pay attention to current events. I also hope that through the platform of OCA, I can exchange my own opinions with more people, thus forming a more complete idea. I am looking forward to getting along with you at OCA in the future.

News Committee

Qianyue Tang (Cathy)

Hello everyone! I am Cathy, a freshman this year. I was born and raised in Wuxi, a city in Jiangsu Province, China. I used to play an active role in different kinds of activities in my high school. I love writing. I used to do well in compositions at school. When I was a high school student, I enjoyed writing argumentative writings with critical thinking. I am willing to take on the responsibility of facilitating communication among students and enabling students of distinctive personalities and cultural backgrounds to gather together. I hope that we can cultivate a sense of community and make the NYU Global Network a better one through On Century Avenue.

Qianyu Zhu (Julie)

Nice to meet you! I am Qianyu (Julie) Zhu from Nantong, Jiangsu, and is struggling for Mathematics at the moment~ I was the vice president of the Model UN in high school, and wrote many interesting articles on our official Wechat account. I love creation, love hot topic, love flash-news as well as little incidents around everyone. Tell us what is going on around you, and we will probably make that headline tomorrow!

  Media Committee

Jennifer Cheung

Hello! My name is Jennifer and I’m from San Francisco, California. Visual arts has been my biggest passion for as long as I can remember. I have experience with studio art, photography, and fashion design, and have recently gained more interest in graphic design. I have extensive experience with media publications, having illustrated my own online column and photographed for my high school magazine. More recently, I was a graphic design intern at a wedding planning agency and a graphic designer for NYUSH’s 2019 commencement events. I’m looking forward to making more designs for OCA!

Chenlan Yao (Ellen)

Hi! This is Chenlan Yao and I go by Ellen. I’m from Shanghai and this is my second year in NYUSH. Having no professional training before but great enthusiasm in art design, I’ve been to the Central Saint Martin in London for fashion design learning and also completed my first intern as a UX designer in PwC AC Shanghai this summer. As a freshman of design, I am willing to know how far I can be and how much I can learn about both media and design, so here I am. Good to see you guys.

Zhuochen Yuan (Ryan)

Hello! This is Zhuochen Yuan and I go by Ryan. I’m from Shanghai and this is my second year in NYUSH. I plan to major in IMA and CS, I’m very interested in media producing, I’ve tried many stuffs like vedio editting, digital painting and also photography. I’ve also post some of my works online, I’m still looking for ways to improve my skills and also learning more things. I’m looking forward to doing art design in this committee and meeting more people who share same interests.

Videography Committee

Tom Zhu (竺力扬)

Hello everyone! This is Tom from Zhejiang, China. I’m a sophomore, with a major in Computer Science. Apart from computer programming, I’m interested in photography and video-making. I also have more than four years’ experience in drone driving and aerial photography. I started to make videos when I graduated from my junior high school. And I worked as the leader of the campus TV station in my high school. My wish is to help people remember their happiness through the media.

Lanxuan Qiao (Cecilia)

Hi, my name is Cecilia. I come from Beijing. I have always been keen on performance and photography. I played the main character in the drama festival. I like myself on the stage. Also, I was the photographer of many projects in my high school. When I go out with my friends, beautiful scenery and people can always catch my eye. I would like to wait a long period of time to take a photo I’m satisfied with. It’s a pleasure participating in such a committee where I can do my favorite things.

Chanel Shen

Hi everyone! I’m Chanel from Los Angeles, California. I was a former assistant editor for my high school newspaper, but I never had the opportunity to do any broadcasting or production related activities. However, having done acting throughout middle and high school, I’m super excited to be a member of the Product Committee because I’ll be able to combine activities I’m already familiar with brand new experiences. Cheers to a successful year ahead!

Hanyu Zhao(Sharon)

I was the Minister of Recreation and Sports Department of the Student Government in high school. I’ve been in the Ningbo Art and Performing Troupe for 8 years and I’ve been a bilingual hostess for big events like The 16th National Creative English Contest and Huizhen Academy’s 20th anniversary etc.

Xinran Tong(Wendy)

I do have no videography experience in high school, but I’m learning pr. Now. I used to work in my high school media center and I was responsible for the content and broadcast.

Jiara Sha

Hey everyone! I am Jiara~I Love ART!I have been learning painting and dancing for more than 14 years.Currently I am doing oil paintings, pencil sketches and ballet.I love photo editing and taking pictures and I learned photoshop and web design in highschool.Additionally I am self-studying Premier and some other art designing softwares.I am happy and excited to be a member of OCA ~it gives us a sense of belonging and I am looking forward to starting this new journey with you guys!

Alan Lecheng Chao

I was born and raised in Beijing. I would tag my self as a photographer, a film editor, and a musician. I have been editing short films and videos during high school, shooting pictures and producing music. Visual and audio media convey emotions, senses, and atmosphere. Along with On Century Avenue, we will cultivate a sense of community. I am proud of what I’m doing.

Olivia Stewart

Hello! My name is Olivia, and I am a freshman at NYU Shanghai. I am from Lancaster Pennsylvania, a small rural community in the United States. I love telling stories, whether it is through words, images, or sound. I enjoy writing, playing piano and trumpet, and creating art. I think that a great film combines all of these into a memorable story. I have been making videos for a few years, and in 2019, I won honorable mention for my short film at the Student Television Network Convention. I look forward to exploring many different perspectives of this unique university and bringing the NYU Shanghai community together.

Yuexin Zhu (Sherry)

Hi, I’m Sherry and I’m from Shanghai. I like playing the piano and fixing Rubik’s Cube in my spare time. I enjoy trying new things, and currently I’m learning skateboarding. I ran a Wechat official account with my friends during high school, and I’m always interested in media. I didn’t have the opportunity to join any student media before, so I’m really excited and delighted to be a member of On Century Avenue. Looking forward to making some changes to NYUSH together!