The OCA Family

 Managing Board

Savannah Billman, Editor-in-Chief

Savannah, an NYU Shanghai sophomore, grew up in rural Pennsylvania, USA, learning to mispronounce words like “crayon” and “museum.” However, she’s a city girl at heart, and has replaced cows and trees with taxis and skyscrapers.  You can find her getting lost around Shanghai, living off a healthy diet of the choicest street food, and adding totally necessary 儿s to the end of every word. As a Global China Studies major, her dream is to travel all over China and write about the people and culture.

Arshaun Darabnia, Executive Director

Arshaun is a sophomore at NYUSH native to Washington, DC. If he’s not partying with Malia Obama, you can catch him walking Kato (his miniature husky) on the National Mall. He also loves spending time with his beloved small nozzled Nalgene bottle, thrifting for cool new sweaters, and raving about his fresh Dr. Marten kicks. More fluent in Photoshop than Chinese, Arshaun is still excited to be studying in Shanghai and is majoring in Marketing and Interactive Media Arts.

Lathika Chandra Mouli, Managing Editor

Indian by blood (and heart!), Lathika grew up in the ever-busy city of Bangkok. She is currently a senior at NYU Shanghai studying Electrical Engineering (yay women in STEM!), and one day hopes to combine her technical knowledge with her interests in service and international affairs. When she isn’t too busy eating chocolate, she likes to make bucket lists and buy stationary in excessive amounts. She likes to live by the motto “Everybody knows something you don’t.”


 Staff Editors

Baaria Chaudhary, News Editor

Baaria Chaudhary is a senior at New York University’s Shanghai campus, majoring in Interactive Media Arts. Outside of her coursework, she enjoys traveling and reading. Baaria is an aspiring lighthouse owner, avid coffee enthusiast, and professional procrastinator. She likes to-do lists, cats, and sometimes people. Currently, her favorite color is green.

Joyce Wang, Features Editor

Jingyi is a sophomore in NYUSH who grows up in many cities in China including Xiamen, Taiyuan, Shenzhen and many other places that she can’t even count herself. Loves piano, and is trying to make a living on it though it is still nearly impossible. Loves travelling, and is more thrilled about recording the scrappy feeling in different places. Loves literary film, and has a tendency to mix film and life together. She is trying to keep herself a idealism and wants to do her best in IMA and marketing.

Elizabeth Tipping, Opinion Editor

Elizabeth is a current Sophomore at NYUSH, studying Economics. She is from sunny, sunny Southern California. Despite her overall California beach bum appearance, she does not know how to surf. But she does hike, cliff dive, and ride ATVs. After graduation, she hopes to take a few years off to volunteer in Asia (probably China), before continuing on to law school as is expected from her lawyer family.

Rae Dehal, City Lights Co-Editor

Born in Canada but obnoxiously Punjabi in spirit, Rae is (finally) a senior at NYU Shanghai and majoring in social science. She dreams of one day living somewhere by the ocean where it’s warm and sunny year round but for now she can be found wandering around lost in Shanghai while stuffing her face with food, or in her room, writing slam poetry and watching cringe worthy amounts of anime.

Enrique Menendez, City Lights Co-Editor

Enrique is a current senior at NYU Shanghai, born in Miami to a Cuban family. He swears by Cuban coffee and is interested in fashion, constantly trying to recreate that coveted Floridian tan.

Catt Kim, NYU Global Editor

Catt is not only a sophomore at NYU Shanghai, but also just finished her freshman year. After graduating high school in 2015, Catt came to Shanghai to continue her hobbies of napping, drinking bubble tea, and spending hours on end doing absolutely nothing. To contact her, check the gray couches on the third floor where she is probably sleeping. Remember the name Catt Kim when her K-Pop album finally drops.

ZJ Lu, Chinese Editor

ZJ is a sophomore at NYUSH, and he is born and raised in Shanghai. Though he majors in Math(typical Asian boy huh), he has a strong interest in the exchange and integration of different cultures. He’s really happy about studying in an American university in Shanghai, where he can hang out with both his Chinese friends and international folks. He is a huge comic fan(that nerdy), and he values Marvel more than DC.

Global Network University Ambassadors

New York: Stephanie Bailey (, Allison Chesky (

Madrid: Cheryl Li

Accra: Maya Williams


Creative Team

Lily Mark, Art Director

Lily is a current sophomore at NYUSH. This half-Shanghainese flower child was planted and watered in San Francisco, California. If she’s not talking about Bay to Breakers, she’s definitely thinking about it. Lily enjoys long walks on the beach, traveling, photography and the Golden State Warriors. She’s not afraid of a challenge or meat that hasn’t been fileted, but according to Lily…”it’ll be fine!”

Konrad Krawczyk, Web Designer

Konrad is currently a sophomore at NYUSH; a proud native of Warsaw, Poland. With a strong interest in art, design and creative coding, he pursues the Interactive Media major and a minor in Data Science. Fascinated with big cities – that’s why he chose Shanghai. After graduation he wants to apply his tech skills in a non-profit organization and/or work in research. An amateur of fashion, celebrity gossip, bad jokes and peanut butter jelly.

Voices on Century Avenue (VOCA) Director

The VOCA project will be headed by Executive Director Arshaun Darabnia.


  Staff Writers and Artists

 Allison Chesky, Staff Writer

Allison is currently frolicking through Florence this fall before diving into DC in the spring. Her interests include playing country music loud enough to annoy everyone near her, taking trains everywhere with a really good book, and chatting with Shanghai taxi drivers. She is majoring in Economics and plays soccer.

Nady Thiam, Staff Artist

Nady is a junior student from Senegal majoring in Economics and Mathematics. She has recently developed an interest in art and particularly photography. She is a big food lover and is currently addicted to ice cream and waffles.

Ben Haller, Staff Writer

Ben is currently a sophomore at NYU Shanghai, majoring in Economics. He is originally from Ohio in the United States and has a huge passion for writing about political and economics related issues. He loves jazz music, having played the saxophone for over eight years, and is always eager to travel and experience new cultures and languages. When not doing school work, he can usually be found checking travel sites for his next adventure or making runs to the street food behind the dorms.

Ori Di Angelis, Staff Writer

Ori is a current sophomore at NYU Shanghai.


Gabriela Naumnik, Staff Artist

Gabriela is a sophomore at NYU Shanghai, majoring in Interactive Media and Business and planning on minoring in Production or Film. She has always had a natural liking for telling stories by using varied forms of expression including text, drawings, videos and animation. Her career goal is to work for big companies in entertainment and media industry. Passionate about mystery & crime novels, she’s now waiting for the publication of her first book in 2017.

Sabina Olsson, Staff Writer

Currently a freshman, Sabina arrived at NYU Shanghai from cold yet cozy Sweden of Northern Europe. Being an IB Diploma surviver, she is ready to take on college with hard work, an open mind, and some healthy procrastination. She enjoys writing in all forms; everything from famous literature to tabloid magazines, and also have a passion for aesthetic Instagram photos, window shopping, eating carbs, and wandering around in big cities.

Sarah Tahir, Staff Writer

Sarah is a freshman at NYU Shanghai who hails from the dusty deserts of Kuwait. Although a dancer for many years, she has always felt most expressive when working with the written word. She is passionate about current events, art and exploration. She has a tentative major in Economics.

Isabel Adler, Staff Writer

Isabel, a NYU Shanghai freshman, is originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She plans on majoring in Business & Marketing. If she could write as fast as she talks, she would bust out multiple articles a day. When not writing for OCA you can find her eating the avocado sandwich at EatJoy or stretching on the library floor (because where’s a better place to stretch?)

Cassie Ulvick, Staff Artist

Cassie is a freshman at NYU Shanghai. She came here from Darnestown, Maryland, a town too small to be written on a mailing address yet big enough for a Snapchat geotag. She has had an affinity for art ever since she was a little girl, and her favorite medium is oil pastel. She plans to major in either Interactive Media Arts or Business and Marketing (or both), aiming to combine her interests in both art and business as a career.

Maya Wang, Staff Artist

Maya, born and raised in New York, is currently a freshman at NYU Shanghai. As an ABC, she loves being able to speak both English and Chinese on a daily basis here. She loves all things art, music, fashion (or anything “aesthetic”), and plans on majoring in Interactive Media Arts. If she isn’t creating art for OCA or one of her IMA classes, you can find her making WeChat stickers of her friends or posting obnoxiously long snap stories.