The OCA Family

 Managing Board

Allison Chesky, Editor-in-Chief

Allie spends her mornings in Shanghai listening to Planet Money over eggs and bacon with her suitemates in her apartment in 徐家汇. When she’s not starting inconsequential discussions with anyone who will debate with her or listening to country music at full volume, she’s digging into what happens in the Academic Building. Feel free to contact her for recommendations on how to fake your way through advanced Chinese classes or for pictures of her puppy.

Maya Williams, Executive Director

Maya was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Despite being a disaster with directions, she enjoys traveling and is a master at navigating awkward conversations about her hair. After graduating from NYU Shanghai she plans to continue continent hopping for the rest of her life or at least until someone offers her a private island to rule over.
Special Skills: standing out in a crowd and managing OCA’s multimedia

Stephanie Bailey, Managing Editor

Steph is a British senior who likes puns. She mostly drinks coffee and talks about socialism with her wild, yet lovable dog, Biggles. Despite believing that her admittance into NYU Shanghai was probably an accident, Steph hopes to write her crazy life down and triumphantly sell the film rights. Or, failing that, she hopes to embrace jazzy trousers, do some good, and one day own a scooter.

 Editorial Team

Isabel Adler, News Editor

Isabel Adler is a sophomore from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania studying Business & Marketing. In addition to OCA, she’s the Chief of Staff for NYU Shanghai’s inaugural Model United Nations conference, a leader in Marketing Society, and a member of the volleyball team. She also works off campus at GU Cycle, a boutique spin studio in Shanghai.

Isabella Farr, Features Editor

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Isabella is currently a senior studying Social Science. She loves anything and everything related to politics, will tell you all about Australian gun control, and can often be found stressing about her future. She also lives a double life as an avid TV binge watcher and a self-proclaimed Australian slang translator.

Ziyun (Flora) Lu, Chinese Editor

Ziyun Lu (aka. Flora) is a sophomore at NYU Shanghai, who has never been away from home for more than 3 months during the past 18 years. She loves rainy days as well as Earl Grey tea, and particularly a combination of the above and writing at a bay window. You can always find her in the last block of the library enjoying the spacious view of Century Avenue or studying hard to fulfill her Straight A self-anticipation.

陆子耘,上海纽约大学大二学生。 十八年来她从未离开过上海这座6340平方公里的城市超过三个月。她喜欢下雨天坐在飘窗上,品着伯爵茶看书写作。你总能在学校图书馆最后一排能让视线沿着世纪大道一直飞到东方明珠的座位上找到她,或许她在学习,或许她在寻找世纪大道的故事。

Sabina Olsson, City Lights Editor

Currently a sophomore, Sabina ventured to Shanghai from cold yet cozy Sweden. Majoring in IMA, she also has an interest in writing, fashion, and visual art. She enjoys literature in all forms; everything from famous novels to tabloid magazines, and also have a passion for aesthetic Instagram photos, (bad) reality-TV, bubble tea, and teaching people casual Swedish words. Being an OA in the past orientation, she also has a soft spot for giving advice and telling random personal anecdotes, often related (or unrelated) to her adventures in China.

Sarah Tahir, Opinion Editor

Weilun (Ben) Zhang, Chinese Editor

Creative Team

Lana Kugli, VOCA Editor

Lana is a self-proclaimed wine connoisseur on a tight budget. In her free time, Lana voyages along the Croatian coast in the quest for sheep milk cheese. As an Economics major with a strong grasp of politics, she knows a lot of fun Reagan facts and cracks Dodd-Frank jokes. Her biggest pet peeves are spurious correlation and patriarchy.

  Staff Writers and Artists

Cassie Ulvick, Staff Artist

Cassie is a freshman at NYU Shanghai. She came here from Darnestown, Maryland, a town too small to be written on a mailing address yet big enough for a Snapchat geotag. She has had an affinity for art ever since she was a little girl, and her favorite medium is oil pastel. She plans to major in either Interactive Media Arts or Business and Marketing (or both), aiming to combine her interests in both art and business as a career.

Maya Wang, Staff Artist

Maya, born and raised in New York, is currently a freshman at NYU Shanghai. As an ABC, she loves being able to speak both English and Chinese on a daily basis here. She loves all things art, music, fashion (or anything “aesthetic”), and plans on majoring in Interactive Media Arts. If she isn’t creating art for OCA or one of her IMA classes, you can find her making WeChat stickers of her friends or posting obnoxiously long snap stories.