Looking into the Backlash of China’s Permanent Residence Regulation

Chinese government recently released the draft of Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on the Management of Permanent Residence of Foreigners, the content of which faced fierce backlash among Chinese netizens. As is often witnessed on social media platforms, the incident quickly evolved into a mayhem of misinformation, nationalism and racism. What is less expected yet more alarming is that this time Chinese women have also been implicated in the nationalism discourse and have fallen victim to patriarchal oppression.

David Pe, A Pioneer in Global Education

This is a feature profile of Dr.David Pe, the NYU Shanghai Dean of Students. The story gives a bit of background on Pe’s life and how he came to his current role. The story focuses on his role and contributions to NYU Shanghai’s quick move to digital learning, and how influential their work has been to the continuation of not only higher education but education in general. Dr.Pe’s aim to develop higher education in a global context is a guiding force throughout his work and this story.