Congratulations Corona of 2020: Calamities Target Seniority, First

In the wake of a storm that bombards a global network university, a lot has been said about seniors having to face challenges and take chances hastily. Though seemingly similar to a collective student body experience, walking in our shoes amidst this outbreak has come close to a catch-22. Since day one, spring continues to shape out bizarrely for some international members of NYUSH’s (hopefully) graduating class. Does this hazy tunnel lead us anywhere?

This Isn’t a Normal Semester, We Shouldn’t Have Normal Grading

A universal ‘Pass/Fail’ policy for all Spring 2020 courses across the NYU global network levels the now uneven academic playing field and would benefit the greatest number of students. Serious consideration should be taken by the NYU administration of taking after schools like MIT and Smith College and making all courses for the remainder of the semester graded on a ‘Pass/Fail’ basis across the global network. If this is not possible, a policy that resembles New York’s ‘Pass/Fail’ policy for this semester should be taken on by Shanghai.


The novel coronavirus outbreak in China has caught the attention of billions of people worldwide. Hospitals in Hubei are overwhelmed with the flood of patients, and labs across China are working around the clock to test patients for the virus. In these difficult times, how can we utilize the power of science to estimate the potential scale of this outbreak? To find our answer, we must look beyond China.