La perspectiva Latinoamericana: Una conversación con Juan Pablo Uribe, ex-ministro de Salud de Colombia

El mundialmente famoso coronavirus llegó por primera vez a Latinoamérica el 26 de febrero, cuando Brasil confirmó su primer caso. Un mes después de que EE.UU confirmará su primer contagio el 20 de enero, y Europa el 24 de enero. Aunque fuera el primer caso identificado, es poco probable que un continente entero y sus vecinos no fueran afectados por un mes entero. El coronavirus puede llegar a impactar a Latinoamérica de una manera desproporcionada ya que todos los países, a excepción de Chile, son países que se siguen desarrollando. Por esta razón, OCA se reunió con Juan Pablo Uribe, ex Ministro de Salud de Colombia para discutir cómo está América Latina y se puede ver afectada.

The Latin American Perspective: A Conversation with Colombia’s Former Minister of Health

The now infamous coronavirus first arrived in Latin America on February 26th when Brazil confirmed their first case. One month after the United States, January 20, and Europe, January 24, confirmed their first cases. Although the reported case was the first one that tested positive, it is highly unlikely that an entire continent and its surrounding countries were unaffected for a month. The coronavirus can impact Latin America in a disproportionate way, since all countries, with the exception of Chile, are developing countries. For this reason, OCA sat down with Juan Pablo Uribe, Colombia’s former Minister of Health, to discuss how Latin America is and will be affected.

Nostalgia Grows Among People at NYU Shanghai Amid Global Pandemic

The announcement of reopening campus was sent out on April 21th. However, what had preceded this announcement was sense of nostalgia, which has been rapidly growing among people at NYU Shanghai amid the global pandemic. Social media has been filled with countless nice memories of the old days, bringing us back to the "wonderland" on Century Avenue, where we once shared laughter and tears. People from different angles at the NYU Shanghai community, including students, faculty, and staff have shared their nostalgic feeling during the past several months.

Student Government Election Kicked Off During This Challenging Time

On April 9th, China Standard Time, the student government election of Spring 2020 kicked off after an announcement email was sent out. The election of this year is the first total virtual election ever held at NYU Shanghai. Candidates are running for their positions in this challenging semester. Among the initiatives came up by the candidates, the most striking ones include integration between Chinese and international students, preparation for students to return after the coronavirus outbreak, more flexible textbook policy, feedback system for cafeteria, and better use of public space. OCA will be closely following the election of this year.