New Student-led Organization, Women at Work Club

Every semester, NYU Shanghai continues to expand its ever growing list of student lead clubs and organizations. One of the most recent NYUSH clubs that has been created is called Women at Work (also known as WaW). Not only is this club an incredible platform to engage in important dialogue on social justice surrounding female gender issues, but it also provides sources of networking, career or volunteer opportunities, and social action. Having an open platform for learning more about serious female gender issues and participating in strong community building offers students an incredible unique experience on such a relevant topic analyzed in gender equality empowerment.

Over 1000 NYU Students and Faculty Sign Petition in Protest of the Layoffs of Five Liberal Studies Professors at NYU Paris

Over 1000 NYU students, professors, and university faculty have signed a petition to NYU President Andrew Hamilton to resist the planned layoffs of five NYU Paris professors. The layoff procedures came as a result of the recent closure of the Liberal Studies Program at NYU Paris. OCA talked to one of the affected professors and a former student at NYU Paris to get the full story.