The Latin American Perspective: A Conversation with Colombia’s Former Minister of Health

The now infamous coronavirus first arrived in Latin America on February 26th when Brazil confirmed their first case. One month after the United States, January 20, and Europe, January 24, confirmed their first cases. Although the reported case was the first one that tested positive, it is highly unlikely that an entire continent and its surrounding countries were unaffected for a month. The coronavirus can impact Latin America in a disproportionate way, since all countries, with the exception of Chile, are developing countries. For this reason, OCA sat down with Juan Pablo Uribe, Colombia’s former Minister of Health, to discuss how Latin America is and will be affected.

White House: All Traveling From New York Should Self-Quarantine

In the United States, the White House recently released a recommendation that anyone who has been in New York should self-quarantine for 14 days. Much of NYU’s student population has left New York City in the past two weeks, as NYU transitions to remote instruction. Currently, New York has the highest amount of cases in the US and continues to grow at an exponential rate. OCA asked 3 NYU Shanghai students about their thoughts regarding this recommendation.

Women in Time of the Coronavirus Zoom Call

International Women's Day, March 8, 2020, was celebrated all over the world with rallies, protests, marches, and more. At NYUSH, however, we celebrated with a Zoom Online Panel hosted by Joyce Tan of Diversity Initiatives. This panel, “Women in the Time of the Coronavirus,” featured Alex (Feifan) Li of BiedeGirls/别的女孩, Sakura Chan of GirlsUpShanghai, and our very own Jing Wang, a post-doc fellow at NYU Shanghai. All three of these women were not only impacted by COVID-19, but took this opportunity to stand up against gender bias and racism. Their acknowledgment of the behind-the-scenes efforts of women on the front lines of the battle against the coronavirus raises awareness regarding questions of gender identity and the portrayal of women in social media.

NYU Shanghai’s Incubation Period

2019-nCoV has been a hot topic as of late. This virus has left an indelible blemish on the 2020 spring semester, relegating students to different sites on the global campus, forcing the hasty creation of online courses, and pushing back the schedule altogether. In the days leading up to February, the question weighing on everyone’s minds was unequivocal: what next?


Thanksgiving is on its way, followed by finals. Some of you might have to stay in Shanghai, working on your upcoming exams, papers, or all kinds of projects. If you have already gotten bored by the second floor cafe and the library, but at the same time still need a cozy place to sit down and work… Keep on reading, bring your laptop and check out these hidden gems of the city on your Thanksgiving holiday!