NYU Shanghai’s Covid-19 Online Learning … The Story So Far

The introduction of online learning has left both professors and students at NYU Shanghai with mixed reviews. While some spoke highly of the innovative spirit that people have put into the digital learning, some also expressed their concerns over this mode of learning. With the NYU Shanghai faculty and staff doing their best to make virtual classes as vibrant and engaging as they can, online learning, for all its perceived positive and negative aspects, has enabled students to learn more about themselves as individuals and the different learning techniques they can adhere to in different circumstances.

NYU Shanghai Students and Staff Respond to New York Post Article on School’s Self-censorship

As the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to capture international attention, questions surrounding the Chinese government’s transparency and censorship become more and more critical. New York University Shanghai, the first Sino-US research university in China, also faces scrutiny on whether it can ensure independence and academic freedom given its connection to the Chinese government. A New York Post article on self-censorship and political influence at NYU Shanghai has evoked discord among students and staff, who share a different understanding of the culture on campus. How did people at NYU Shanghai respond to the New York Post’s article? What do people at NYU Shanghai think about the academic freedom within our campus? Mia Barkenaes, class of 2023, presented us with different views from the students and staff.

NYUSH’s Double Eleven

This uniquely Chinese phenomenon, known as Double Eleven, happens annually on the innocuously-named Single’s Day. Despite its humble origins as an impromptu holiday created to celebrate bachelordom, Single’s Day has now blossomed into a (according to a recent estimate) 268.4-billion-yuan cash cow.