NYU Shanghai’s Soccer Team Back in Action by Spring 2021

NYU Shanghai does much more than bring students from cultures everywhere around the world to receive an undergraduate education in a small building on Century Avenue in one of China’s largest and most dynamic cities. Beyond academic learning, it provides them with opportunities to explore other talents, such as  drama and performing arts. And, importantly for their physical and emotional health, it fosters their participation in a competitive sports environment. NYU Shanghai offers intercollegiate sports teams in soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton and tennis, all of which compete in various intercollegiate games here in Shanghai. 

Basics of the Quarantine Experience, Returning to NYUSH

Students all over the world have been immensely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in various ways, whether it be continuing to study solely online or by navigating complex regulations in returning to campus. For NYU Shanghai students in particular, the situation has proven itself to become a very complex one. The Chinese government's approval for our students to return in October has allowed for some fortunate students to travel back to China. However, the process to return to campus is not as easy as it used to be. Instead of simply walking out the airport doors to return to Shanghai life, one must complete an intense 14-day quarantine and 7-day self-monitoring period. These quarantine regulations seem pretty simple on paper, but take on a much more entirely complicated and difficult process in reality.