Latin America is Waking Up, and You Should Too

Latin America has been loud. The people have been protesting, cities burning, and governments taken down. Nonetheless, mainstream media still continues to be silent. We are not just cheap and exotic places to vacation, we are places with struggles that matter and need attention too, but that won’t happen until there is a burst in people’s first world bubble. // Latinoamérica se encuentra más revolucionaria que nunca. El pueblo protesta, las ciudades se queman, y los gobiernos se derrocan. Sin embargo, las noticias internacionales siguen ausentes. No solo somos lugares baratos y exóticos para vacacionar, somos lugares que importan y nuestros asuntos también necesitan atención.


While being one of the highly anticipated films after the reopening of theatres for COVID-19, Jiang ZiYa had killed the box office. However, many audiences expressed disappointment about its structure and confusion about its theme after watching this film. Actually, it includes thoughtful philosophical questions and an abstract discussion of The Trolley Problem. We try to subjectively analyze its inner conflict of having a huge theme, plain characters, and plot setting and how these conflicts become an unavoidable problematic narrative form. In the end, we still regard it as a pioneer of Chinese adult film animation.