Women in Finance: Jane Fraser — The First Female CEO to Lead a Top Wall Street Bank

The finance industry is predominantly male-dominated, with men occupying the upper ranks and executive positions in investment banks and financial firms. However, in recent years, there has been a surge of women being promoted to senior ranks and top executive positions, symbolizing an increase in women representation in the finance industry. In this series, titled “Women in Finance,” the Business and Economics Committee at On Century Avenue seeks to celebrate the achievements of women in the finance industry worldwide. The first woman in this series is Jane Fraser, the first female CEO to lead a top Wall Street Bank and the first female CEO of Citigroup.

Poverty and Distributional Impacts of COVID-19: A Study of Low-Income Households

The coronavirus has often been referred to as an “equalizer,” sickening both the rich and the poor, but is it really affecting people equally? As the socio-economic consequences of the outbreak become apparent, economists and policymakers are more concerned about the distributional impacts of the coronavirus. Students from low-income regions may not have access to the same level of online education as others do; informally employed migrant workers may no longer be able to send money back home; and many countries with scarce resources are facing serious disruptions in the supply chains of essential food and materials. This article will walk you through some of the impacts of the coronavirus epidemic, and explain why it disproportionately affects low-income households.