An Interview with Brett Barna – Ex-Investment Banker turned CIO of Barna Family Office

In this interview, Brett Barna provided great insights into topics ranging from careers in finance to recent developments in the financial markets. A veteran in the finance industry who has extensive experiences in investment banking and asset management, Brett Barna shared how he originally started with finance, his career advice for young finance professionals, and his thoughts on recent market headlines such as the Evergrande crisis.

Women in Finance: Jane Fraser — The First Female CEO to Lead a Top Wall Street Bank

The finance industry is predominantly male-dominated, with men occupying the upper ranks and executive positions in investment banks and financial firms. However, in recent years, there has been a surge of women being promoted to senior ranks and top executive positions, symbolizing an increase in women representation in the finance industry. In this series, titled “Women in Finance,” the Business and Economics Committee at On Century Avenue seeks to celebrate the achievements of women in the finance industry worldwide. The first woman in this series is Jane Fraser, the first female CEO to lead a top Wall Street Bank and the first female CEO of Citigroup.