Why is J.K. Rowling supported in China: Trans Visibility and Transphobia in China 在骄傲月,正视跨性别群体

每年六月的“骄傲月(Pride Month)”最初是为纪念1969年同志平权运动“石墙暴乱”而发起的运动,在五十年后的今天已经成为了一系列全球性的关注LGBTQA+群体的活动。今年,尽管线下活动大多受到了新冠疫情影响,但人们并没有放弃在线上的庆祝与呼吁。然而,在社交媒体上,六月迄今为止与LGBTQA+相关的最引人关注的话题之一,却是J.K.罗琳所发表的关于跨性别群体的观点与随之引起的广泛讨论。在本文中,笔者试图以此为契机,就这个在LGBTQA+群体中被较多地误解与污名化的群体在国内互联网环境的际遇展开探讨。 Following the celebration of Pride Month 2020, the author, intrigued by the discussion aroused on Chinese social platforms following J.K. Rowling’s controversial speech concerning transgender people, tries to understand trans visibility and transphobia in China and beyond. The article is initially intended for Chinese readers and later translated into English, thus non-Chinese readers may find some examples and situations that feel alien or don’t apply to their society.




When coronavirus is spreading to the world, our life at home hasn’t been compromised. We are using warm daily stories as a way to respond to the outbreak and enrich our lives by our creativity and restless passion. To find out what students have gained through these days, we interviewed some Chinese students about their vigorous lives. We hope when the day of reunion at Centre Avenue 1555, we will find ourselves a better person due to these valuable moments and countless warmth.

OCA 艺术|肺

The COVID-19 coronavirus, for some people, is a set of data; for some, is a loss of property; for some, it is a hidden opportunity; for some, it is loneliness and hopelessness for the individual; for some, it is biting pain…...In this novel, I did not say anything about sadness, but all I want to express is sadness. I hope this novel can draw attention to individuals in this epidemic. In the end, I sincerely hope that the global epidemic will quickly improve and our friends around the world can stay safe.

面对疫情,选择Study Away的他们有怎样的故事?

在疫情的影响之下,NYU Shanghai的部分同学选择到其他海外学习中心度过春季学期。促使他们决定申请Study Away的关键因素是什么?面对不断变化的疫情,在申请过程中又有什么样的故事与体悟?开始了当地的学习生活后,是否仍受疫情困扰?这次,我们采访了三位成功Study away的学生,让我们来听听TA们的故事!

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This poem was written when Flora finished the recording of Chinese Poetry Conference and was about to say goodbye to all the friends she met there. Its main content is: the banquet was over and the night seems endless. The galaxy can never know people's grief of parting because the grief is hiding behind their expression. The starry sky will never know that through those people's sad eyes, frost covers the moon.