Tomorrow, eating on campus!

迎着曙光的早7shuttle永远准点,课间穿梭于走廊的各色身影匆匆忙碌,深夜的图书馆灯火通明,在世纪大道1555号奋斗的每一天,唯梦想与美食不可辜负。而学校的cafe和cafeteria在我们匆匆而过的脚步中究竟扮演着怎样的角色,又隐藏着那些鲜为人知的小秘密?OCA中文部采访了目前餐饮服务的supervisor:Mary Kate,她将通过Q&A的形式带领我们一同探索cafe/cafeteria这两个在日常生活中习以为常,却暗含趣味的地点。 Whenever you are hungry and tired, good food can always cheer you up. What role does the school cafe and cafeteria play on our busy days, and what kinds of little secrets are hidden behind? OCA Chinese Department interviewed colleagues from the Sproutworks team who manage NYU Shanghai catering services. Through the following Q&A part, the supervisor Mary Kate will lead us to explore Cafe/Cafeteria, two interesting places on campus, and solve potential questions for you.


While being one of the highly anticipated films after the reopening of theatres for COVID-19, Jiang ZiYa had killed the box office. However, many audiences expressed disappointment about its structure and confusion about its theme after watching this film. Actually, it includes thoughtful philosophical questions and an abstract discussion of The Trolley Problem. We try to subjectively analyze its inner conflict of having a huge theme, plain characters, and plot setting and how these conflicts become an unavoidable problematic narrative form. In the end, we still regard it as a pioneer of Chinese adult film animation.