The Alienation of “Yuan”(媛)

Recently, a few phrases gained broad popularity especially on Chinese websites such as: “fo yuan”(佛媛), “bing yuan”(病媛), and “youer yuan”(幼儿媛). One feature that these phrases all share is that they all have the word “yuan”(媛). The original meaning of the word “yuan”(媛) is a beautiful woman or a lady from a rich family; however, this positive meaning has been transformed since last year.

About Friendship

Every time I come to a new environment, I always think about building up new relationships and reflect on previous ones. Making friends has become a concern in my life, with a mix of roses and thorns. I have tried so many ways of socializing with others but still, it doesn't get easier. When I was a little kid, all of my friends were my neighbors. We grew up together, our parents knew each other, and almost every one of us knew each other’s deepest secrets. We played together every day. We would often quarrel, but we would soon forget it, and nothing could separate us. In such a free and tolerant environment, it never occurred to me that friendship is a serious matter and needs great consideration. When I was that age, I said whatever I wanted to say, and did whatever I wanted to do, without any thought of consequences but still had good friendships.