Lehman Responds: 6 Questions For The Vice Chancellor

After Vice Chancellor Lehman’s email, “Update Concerning Fall 2020 Semester,” many in the international student community were left disappointed and full of concerns (which are outlined in Isabella Cuellar's article "NYU Shanghai's International Sdents Face Uncertainty for Fall 2020"). OCA reached out to the Vice Chancellor in order to gain clarification on several of these issues, and asked him several of these pressing questions.

NYU Shanghai’s International Students Face Uncertainty for Fall 2020

Following NYU Shanghai’s announcement for its fall semester plan sent out a few days ago, the uncertainty to bring back international students has raised many concerns. Although follow-up responses have been released from NYU Shanghai’s administration, questions including if and how international students can be brought back, what the university is doing to support the students with less advantaged passports, and how incoming freshmen will be brought back remain unclear.