Sproutworks Chosen as Interim Canteen Vendor

Sproutworks is taking over the NYU Shanghai canteen beginning May 2nd, NYU Shanghai Campus and Facilities announced on April 18 in a school-wide email. Sproutworks will be providing meal service for three months that will consist of their usual menu of healthy sandwiches and salads, as well as a Chinese menu created specifically for NYU Shanghai.

Controversy Surrounding Spring Formal

Last week, Student Government announced the annual Spring Formal to happen on April 27th, eleven days before the event. Following the announcement, students expressed concerns via the NYUSH All Classes and Study Away Facebook page on the timing of the announcement and the increased price for an event that is supposed to be open to all students.

Senior Spotlight: Ben Weilun Zhang

“This global travel through NYU Shanghai was really a cumulative journey for knowledge, experience, culture, and language,” said senior Ben Zhang of his four years at NYU Shanghai. “I realized my dream and now I am just following this passion.”

Senior Spotlight: Kilian Hauser

“We academically shaped the school to a great degree being the second class. As the school and its program develops and evolves, every class after us will be building onto and refining what we had established” Hauser explained. “I appreciate NYU Shanghai for the experience, but I do wish I came at a later date for all of the different courses that are offered now.”