Opinion: What the CDC Gets Wrong about COVID-19 Guidelines

The United States CDC proclaims in its mission that it “saves lives and protects people from health threats.” However, at this time of global instability, the CDC has failed to live up to its promise of inclusivity and protecting all United States citizens. guidelines surrounding COVID-19 have neglected to recognize systemic injustices in public health, leading to some minorities facing a far greater challenge in protecting themselves from the virus. In fact, many restrictions have even been harmful to these groups.

NYU Shanghai Students and Staff Respond to New York Post Article on School’s Self-censorship

As the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to capture international attention, questions surrounding the Chinese government’s transparency and censorship become more and more critical. New York University Shanghai, the first Sino-US research university in China, also faces scrutiny on whether it can ensure independence and academic freedom given its connection to the Chinese government. A New York Post article on self-censorship and political influence at NYU Shanghai has evoked discord among students and staff, who share a different understanding of the culture on campus. How did people at NYU Shanghai respond to the New York Post’s article? What do people at NYU Shanghai think about the academic freedom within our campus? Mia Barkenaes, class of 2023, presented us with different views from the students and staff.