Productivity and Coping During the Pandemic

In this period of quarantine, self isolation and complete lockdown in many parts of the world, students have to spend a lot of time at home, raising concerns about reduced productivity and ultimate boredom. Despite the unprecedented circumstances, students have found ways to keep themselves engaged, get into new routines and get started on new ambitions. While a lot of people around us are using their time at home to develop new skills, it is also completely okay if some are not being productive or trying something new. We all have different coping mechanisms. Sometimes just relaxing and not having a total breakdown is the biggest accomplishment!

Class of 2020 Graduation Blues

The Class of 2020 will be graduating online. Graduation has been a major motivator for several seniors and they have been planning it with friends and family for a long time. This article discusses how seniors feel about their graduation moving online and whether they plan on attending an in person graduation next year.