What is new with UBA this semester?

If you’ve attended this semester’s online involvement fair, you might have noticed UBA: NYU Shanghai’s Undergraduate Business Association. If you haven’t, OCA has all the information you need right here! This club was originally started by NYU Shanghai’s inaugural class, but this semester it has been revived with brand new statements and programs, giving it a high profile among students. The club currently has about 200 members representing NYU Shanghai’s business community.

New Campus Construction Still on Track Despite Covid-19 Delay

As international students of all classes are finally able to return to campus (or in the case of first-years, access campus for the first time), our minds can’t help but turn towards the post-COVID-19 future of NYU Shanghai. A part of this future that 2 out of 4 undergraduate classes can look forward to is the new campus which is currently in construction. Here’s what to expect for the new campus and how construction is going after Covid-19 stopped all work for over 2 months.