About OCA

Beginning as a collaboration between the NYU Shanghai Writing Department and students of NYU Shanghai’s Inaugural Class, On Century Avenue has bloomed into a thriving daily student publication. On Century Avenue is written, staffed, and managed entirely by a dedicated group of NYU Shanghai undergraduate students, who come from more than twelve different countries. With an interest in editorial, visual, audio, and literary works, On Century Avenue serves not only as a news source, but also as a platform for students to publish opinions and personal works. Though rooted within NYU Shanghai, On Century Avenue serves a bigger audience with its focus on NYU’s Global Network and the vibrant city of Shanghai. The current sections of the publication and their respective descriptions are listed below:


Designed for students of NYU Shanghai, News is a section that will be regularly updated to inform students of what is happening on campus and around the world. In this section, you can expect to find updates on global affairs, school policies, events, and more.


Recognizing that everyone has a voice, On Century Avenue created the Opinions section as a forum where members of our readership can freely publish their opinions in hopes to start a continued dialogue.


Highlighting NYU Shanghai’s unique status as a half-international and half-Chinese university, “Chinese Articles” is a place where the Chinese voices of NYU Shanghai can share their experiences in Shanghai and abroad in Chinese.


Emphasizing the culturally diverse nature of NYU Shanghai, the Multilingual section is On Century Avenue’s space where students can share their voice and experiences in any language they desire. This section is meant to not only empower student writers in their native language, but to engage readers from different cultural backgrounds.

Previous Projects


Changing weekly, the Features section highlights the “human interest” stories of NYU Shanghai. Feature articles highlight either the complexities within an issue or different perspectives on an issue which is particularly relevant given the time of publication.

City Lights

Inspired by the vibrant city of 上海 (Shanghai), the metropolis that meets the sea, On Century Avenue created City Lights as a place where our audience can read about restaurants, fashion, events, nightlife and everything happening in and around Shanghai.

NYU Global

NYU Global is designed to connect NYU’s Global Network. The section highlights news and features from sister campuses NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU New York, as well as reports from other study away sites in the Global Network University.

Voices on Century Avenue

Voices on Century Avenue (VOCA for short) functions as a podcast platform where current issues and ideas are discussed and debated by members of the NYU Shanghai community.

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in On Century Avenue are held solely by those who have written them. They should not be misconstrued as the opinions of our publication, the managing board, or NYU Shanghai as a whole.