NYU Shanghai Students Out of Lockdown

(Cover photo source: Shyla Zou)

On May 30th, NYU Shanghai students received an email from the university administration detailing the process of Shanghai’s gradual reopening, which would begin on June 1st. The email described Shanghai’s regulations regarding granting access to public facilities and businesses; utilizing public testing kiosks to maintain an updated health QR code that is required to enter these spaces. 

After being in lockdown for so long, some students shared similar feelings of discomfort but also overall excitement. Jenna Sun, a freshman, said “I was overall really excited at first, but it was not as much as I had expected it to be. We had been in lockdown for so long I had gotten used to it.” 

“It almost felt like it wasn’t real,” said Tiffany Leong, a freshman. “I felt a little suspicious at first, but was really happy.” 

These students also had similar ideas on what they were most excited to experience now that the lockdown had been lifted. Tiffany mentioned that the most exciting prospect was “Definitely being able to travel around Shanghai without the added stress of testing requirements or potential lockdowns.” She also mentions that this possibility was a major concern for a lot of students as well. Jenna mentioned that she was also most excited about being able to explore Shanghai after the lockdown had restricted her ability to become familiar with the city. 

As time progresses, the improving situation in Shanghai gives students hope and excitement as they can finally experience what it has to offer. 

Author: Keigan Carpenter

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