NYU Shanghai Campus Reopens

(Cover photo source: Shyla Zou)

Students received an email on Sunday, June 12th detailing the re-opening process for the Academic Building after being closed for two months since the start of lockdown. The email stated that starting on the following Monday, the Academic Building would be open to all faculty and staff, and students would have access starting next week on Monday, June 20th. 

Maylee Sexton, a freshman, shared some thoughts on how she thought the campus reopening would help students taking online classes. She said, “It’s good because taking online classes makes class not feel real… summer classes would be easier because being on campus would make you more aware of your work.” She also shared some thoughts on the requirements needed to enter the building. She said, “Personally, [the testing requirements] make it more irritating and the restrictions are a reminder that everything isn’t normal.” 

To enter the Academic Building, you must present your Shanghai Health Code updated with one negative PCR test taken in Shanghai within 48 hours before going to campus. You will also have your temperature checked before entering. Guidelines relating to masking and social distancing will continue to be enforced, as well as an additional guideline limiting elevator occupancy to five people. 
In addition, resources such as the Cafeteria and 2F café will be open on holiday mode with adjusted guidelines in order to meet SMEC requirements. Through the NYU Shanghai Official WeChat Account, everyone can stay informed about these requirements.

Author: Keigan Carpenter

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