NYU Graduates Can Live in UK After Graduation with a New Visa

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Two years after Brexit, the UK recently introduced a new visa to attract the best talent to stay and work in the country. According to the official government website on visas and immigration, applicants must have received a degree from the best 50 global universities outside the UK no more than 5 years prior to the visa application. 

In particular, the new High Potential Individuals (HPI) visa allows graduates from bachelor and master degree programs to stay in the UK for two years, while PhD graduates can stay for three years. 

Despite the limited duration, graduates may change their visa type if they wish to stay longer. This offers international students a gateway to job settlement equivalent to the UK Graduate Visa–which allows international students to stay and look for jobs after graduating from a UK program.

One major advantage of this new visa is that graduates can apply to live in the UK without having a sponsorship or employment contract. After successfully applying, graduates can become self-employed, volunteer, or look for jobs in the UK. 

While NYU is on the list, questions arise as to whether satellite campus graduates, NYU Shanghai and NYU Abu Dhabi, also qualify. 

Tony Tran, a Business & Finance student at NYU Shanghai is excited about the new visa: “It would be cool to be a financial analyst in London. As an international student coming from Vietnam, I do not have a lot of options in terms of where to settle after graduation. In addition, getting a job in China seems to require too high a level of Chinese for me. Therefore, I really hope that NYU Shanghai qualifies because we also graduate with an NYU degree. In case our school doesn’t count for this new visa, then I don’t think our degree values as much as we were promised.” 

For NYU Shanghai students, this new visa—if applicable—offers a great opportunity for them to settle a job in a foreign country with a relatively high pay rate. This is because non-American NYU Shanghai graduates do not qualify to stay in the US after graduation, but international students who graduate from NYU New York campus can.

OCA is currently in touch with NYU London representatives to confirm whether NYU Shanghai graduates qualify for this new visa.

Author: Mia Trinh

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