The Last Institute of Contemporary Art Exhibition on the Century Avenue Campus

The Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) at NYU Shanghai is hosting an exhibition from March 3rd through May 27th, 2022. This exhibition, called, Close Your Eyes and You Will Know, features artists Yin-Ju Chen, and shaman practitioner Li-Chun Lin (Marina)and their collaborative, multimedia installations. Through these installations, they hope to “[produce] new knowledges through other ways of knowing” by encouraging viewers to experiment with the pieces themselves.

Close Your Eyes and You Will Know and related events are the second season of ICA’s artist research program, Another Knowledge is Possible, and will be the last exhibition at the current ICA gallery on the Century Avenue campus.

If you want to register for the events or learn more about the artists and exhibitions, please look at this article.

Author: Ha Vi Do Ngoc

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