What is new with UBA this semester?

If you’ve attended this semester’s online involvement fair, you might have noticed UBA: NYU Shanghai’s Undergraduate Business Association. If you haven’t, OCA has all the information you need right here! This club was originally started by NYU Shanghai’s inaugural class, but this semester it has been revived with brand new statements and programs, giving it a high profile among students. The club currently has about 200 members representing NYU Shanghai’s business community.

So, what exactly is UBA?

Damya Bhatia, UBA’s Director of Professional Development, puts it best:

“UBA’s main aim is to discover career pathways, develop professional skills and dedicate to a global impact. At UBA, we offer a plethora of opportunities for anyone who is interested in the business aspect of things.”

A business community designed for business and non-business majors alike, UBA will be operating through a variety of workshops and events. These include speaker events from leaders of renowned companies such as PWC, Citi, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, as well as programs such as the Mentorship Program and the Freshman Liaison Program (FLP). The latter is an extremely selective program designed for freshmen to learn about team leadership roles through one-on-one shadowing of UBA leadership members.

Students from all years, groups, and majors are welcome to join UBA’s events and workshops in order to learn more about career pathways in investment banking, marketing, consulting and many more. They also teach key skills such as interview preparation and resume building. All that is needed to join is an interest in business and business-related endeavours.

One of the new features of UBA is its newly-minted mentorship program, through which over 40 upperclassmen will be mentoring a number of mentees through one-on-one meetings designed to allow NYU Shanghai students to build a network.

Those who already follow the business community in NYU Shanghai might know that UBA is not the only business club in NYU Shanghai; other clubs such as TAMID also offer business related classes and programs at NYU Shanghai. We reached out to some of the members of TAMID’s leadership for a comment on the difference between UBA and TAMID:

“The two clubs focus on different things: TAMID is centered around technical skills and real professional application, and UBA is a social club modeled after an NYU Stern business frat and aims to help develop members’ social and soft skills. Hard skills are nothing without soft skills, and vice versa; the act of practicing networking is something UBA truly does well. These organizations are not mutually exclusive and we invite every UBA member to apply for TAMID in the spring!”

For those interested in learning more about how UBA works, UBA’s mentorship program offers Mukbang Monday talks every Monday at 9PM CST and every Tuesday at 7AM CST. These talks are available to all general members of UBA and are designed to allow the members of UBA to chat and try some team building exercises to reinforce the business community.

This article was written by Aimée Burlamacchi currently based in Florence, Italy. Please send an email to cab977@nyu.edu to get in touch.

Photo Credit: https://wp.nyu.edu/uba/

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