New Student-led Organization, Women at Work Club

Every semester, NYU Shanghai continues to expand its ever growing list of student lead clubs and organizations. One of the most recent NYUSH clubs that has been created is called Women at Work (also known as WaW). Not only is this club an incredible platform to engage in important dialogue on social justice surrounding female gender issues, but it also provides sources of networking, career or volunteer opportunities, and social action. Having an open platform for learning more about serious female gender issues and participating in strong community building offers students an incredible unique experience on such a relevant topic analyzed in gender equality empowerment.

Karrel Sinfuego, a current junior and the Vice President of the Women at Work Club,, has responded to a couple of questions about the brand new club. Below are the responses to specific questions that give students more insight into what can be expected from this club in the coming future.

  • What can students expect to get out of the WaW club meetings? Will there be any guest speakers students can look forward to hearing from?

Answer: (1) an opportunity to learn more about issues not just from speakers but people in the NYUSH community, (2) a space for their own voice to be heard (ex. membership spotlight or just participating), (3) opportunity to take action not just in the NYUSH community but also for those in need. Yes, there will be internal and external guest speakers not just for career and networking but those to share their experience dealing with gender social issues etc. Students can expect a range of speakers and sessions that will cover a range of different interests!

  • Besides club meetings, what other opportunities will students have to participate in while being part of the club?

Answer: In addition to our usual whole club meetings, we also offer three different types of sessions which members are free to participate and choose from based on their interests. The first type is the social issues session in which half the time is devoted to activities that involve members in the dialogue while the other half offers membership spotlights to provide a space for members to share their own experiences in relation to the issues covered. We also offer career sessions which include networking events and workshops for soft and technical skills from guest speakers/partners. Some of these workshops build on our social impact consulting sessions which are not only aimed at members interested in the case competition but also for those interested in volunteering for our NGO partner and future partners.

  • The WaW club states that it will give students an opportunity to take action through Social Impact Consulting, can you elaborate on what this means?

Answer: Just as it is important for us to initiate education and discussion on the social issues such as female gender issues at work, the actual “putting the ideas into action” through feasible practices and strategies is just as vital. It is also still the biggest challenge that many social impact leaders and entities continue to face today. In our case, we have partnered with Fundlife International who helps impoverished children in the Philippines get an education. In particular, we are working with their Girls Got This program that targets females who need help with education and career support. We have volunteer opportunities (like giving the girls a workshop on how to code or use excel) and also the consulting component. For WaW at present, social impact consulting means that we are going to target a specific issue Fundlife has as an organization and give them a solution which essentially also aims to help with the program’s long term stability and efficiency.

The Women at Work club is open to anyone regardless of your identity. To participate as a club member and receive all info session details, follow them on instagram @waw.nyush and scan the link below to join the WeChat group.

Photos: Karrel May Sinfuego, WaW Vice President

This article was written by Madison Eberhardt currently based in Newport Beach, California. Please send an email to or contact on Instagram @madihardt17 to get in touch.

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