OCA: NYUSH Students Launch Campaigns for Fall 2020 Student Elections

In a time when NYU Shanghai students are facing constant uncertainty and turmoil, student leadership is essential to elevating the student voice and addressing student issues. As Fall 2020 student elections approach, OCA has compiled a list of all the positions and descriptions, as well as the candidates vying for them. 

The candidates introduced their campaigns this morning at the first-ever Fall 2020 Elections Roundtable. The roundtable event- organized by the NYUSH elections board and moderated by NYSUH Professor Ivan Rasmussen- addressed questions from students and fostered dialogue between candidates on pressing student issues.

The main issues discussed at the event included environmental sustainability and class cohesion, as well as mental health and access to student services in a mixed-mode learning environment. The hopeful student leaders brainstormed ways in which the Student Government could improve the overall experience of students at NYU Shanghai, given the unusual circumstances of the semester.

The first round of voting for student elections will end on Wednesday, Sept. 23rd at 11:59pm CST. If a candidate in a given race fails to obtain the majority vote, second and round rounds of voting will be conducted.

As the election season continues, OCA will be covering the most contested elections and profiling new student leaders. 

Mia Barkenaes @mia.barkenaes reporting from Portland, Oregon.

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