Destress for Midterms with 15% Off

OCA Writer Angela Zheng reviews Feng Spa, next-door to the Jinqiao dorms that offers a 15% discount to NYU Shanghai students.

Being an NYUSH student comes with many perks, one of which is getting discounts.  

Feng Spa recently opened on Zhangyang Road (张杨路) next to the JinQiao dorms.  It currently has a grand opening special where all of their services are discounted.  However, for NYUSH students there is an additional discount of 15% off.

For international students, the receptionist speaks English, so getting services at Feng Spa is still accessible even for those who don’t speak Chinese.  The masseuses speak limited English, so it may be helpful to learn certain words like pain (疼), to tell them when they use too much pressure. But don’t worry, you can still enjoy your time without any knowledge of Chinese.

Upon going in, the receptionist takes you to your room where you meet your masseuse.  There, the masseuse leaves you to change and returns with oils and towels for your massage.

The massage is extremely relaxing once you get over initial awkwardness.  The masseuse spreads the oil and works to relax areas of tension. When your massage is almost over, the masseuse leaves to fetch hot stones that are used later to end your massage.  After its over, the excess oil on your skin is dabbed off with a clean towel, and the masseuse gathers their equipment and leaves you to relax before dressing. Feng Spa also provides you with tea and crackers for you to snack on after your massage.  Disclaimer, you may feel slightly sore for the next day or two because the masseuse will use a lot of pressure to release the tension in your muscles. But don’t worry, this is a normal occurrence after massages, just be sure to drink lots of water and you’ll be okay in a few days time.

The experience is pleasant and leaves you feeling much more relaxed than before.  Feng Spa’s calm and friendly environment truly help you feel at ease when you’re there.

If you are comparing the prices of Feng Spa to the prices of similar services in America, you’ll notice that Feng Spa is far cheaper.  The services are affordable and definitely worth the price.

With midterm season arriving, be sure to take the time to ‘treat yo self’ to a stress-relieving massage with your NYUSH perks and the grand opening specials.

This article was written by Angela Zheng. Please send an email to to get in touch.
Photo Credit: Hope Myers

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