Fire in Jinqiao Tower 2

Updating story: Tower 2 of the Jinqiao dorms caught fire on February 5, no one was injured.

Please note that this is a story On Century Avenue will be updating in the next few days. Currently, this is the information we have, provided to On Century Avenue by Associate Dean of Students David Pe.

Facilities has informed Assistant Dean of Students David Pe that the cause of the fire was “an isolated malfunction of the electric meter in the 13th floor box.” The meter is managed by the State Grid in collaboration with the JinQiao facility’s property management. The school has asked that they inspect every electrical box in the facility. The university is requesting access to the boxes in order to perform their own inspection.

Although stating it was an electrical malfunction, Associate Dean of Students David Pe, in an email to residents, encouraged them to “pay attention to the appropriate and proper use of electronics and following our fire safety guidelines” and quickly evacuate the building should the fire alarm go off.

At 6:10pm on February 5, the Tower 2 13th floor electrical box caught on fire on its own. The fire department arrived on scene to put out the fire and an alert was sent to students in Tower 2 by Public Safety notifying them of the incident. No one was injured. The 13th floor students were temporarily moved to the Tong Mao hotel for the evening. At 9:45pm power was fully restored to the building. We are awaiting results from the fire and electrical company regarding the cause of the fire.

Photo of the electrical box where the fire started:

Photo of the damage to the hallway outside the electrical box:

Video of damage from the fire:

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Cover Photo Credit: Allison Chesky
Photo Credit: Corey Payones
Video Credit: Russell Li

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