Study Spaces: Where Are They ?

OCA Contributing Writer Austin Gregory discusses the lack of study spaces in the Jinqiao dorms.

NYU Shanghai students are increasingly disappointed at the lack of study spaces at the Jinqiao residence halls, with the closest being 30 minutes away by bus.

The Academic Building, which houses the library, and the dorms, are 30 minutes away from each other by bus. Ines Laoui, a study-away sophomore from New York campus, said “I always have this moral battle with myself of whether or not I should stay at the library or go home, but I know I will be 100 times less productive at home.”

When NYU Shanghai opened in 2013, its campus was a part of ECNU’s campus. The dorms that NYU Shanghai students lived in had limited common and study spaces aside from a small area with a ping pong and pool table.

Ming Yin, NYU Shanghai’s Associate of Community Engagement and Outreach, said it was not a problem at ECNU, because the library and other resources were a short 5 to 10-minute walk away.

However, future NYU Shanghai students may benefit from planned new facilities. Yin noted that in a few years NYU Shanghai will move to another location where the academic building and residence halls will be located on the same campus.

Yin added that because NYU Shanghai would be building the dorms itself, they will definitely consider building more study spaces.

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Photo Credit: Maya Williams

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