IMA Takes Over NYU Shanghai’s Halloween Festivities

OCA's photojournalist Kate Pellegrino documents NYU Shanghai's Halloween festivities!

Sprits were high (pun intended) on Tuesday in the excitement of Halloween! The second floor cafe hosted a free cookie decorating event and candygrams were delivered.

In the evening, the 8th floor IMA Haunted House was well-attended by faculty and students, despite the horrors awaiting inside.

In the spirit of Halloween, a number of students dressed up in full costume for the occasion!

“I am a personal interpretation of Poison Ivy. I chose to be [her] because my aim is to challenge stereotypes. She is a famous white comic book character and I believe a can do a quality Poison Ivy with black influences,” said Maya.

“I’m a garden gnome. I’m disappointed more people didn’t dress up. Happy Halloween,” said Andrew.

“It’s not what I expected. It was supposed to be something else but you make do with what you have so here I am. I was supposed to be Pepper Rick from Rick and Morty but I couldn’t find a lab coat,” said Almost Pepper Rick.

“I thought a lot of people wear costumes, but there actually aren’t that many,” said Ariel.

“It’s from Rainbow Six Caveira. I will interrogate everyone,” said Jiay.

“Can I borrow your lab coat? Remember when I said I needed a lab coat. This is my redemption,” Actual Pepper Rick.

“I’m from Dishonored,” said Corvo Attano.

“It’s Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad,” said Rebecca.

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