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News Editor Isabel Adler reviews three gym options if you want to work out in a class in Shanghai.

While NYU has made efforts to revamp the B1 gym, by adding new equipment and personal trainers, some prefer working out in a class setting. If this is you, here are three gym options in Shanghai to help you get your fitness fix!


A boutique cycling studio modeled after SOUL Cycle in the U.S., GU offers three different kinds of spin classes; GUCYCLE, a standard forty-five minute spin class, GU Warrior, an hour long extra intense class, and GU Beats, another forty five minute class that focuses on using resistance. At the studio, they provide you with special spin shoes to clip into the bikes. The studio has UV lighting, so once the lights go off your shoes (and you) start glowing! All of the instructors play awesome music, ranging from pop to EDM to hip hop. All classes are in English. At GU, you’ll be sure to find a class to make you sweat and have fun while doing it. Best part? Your first class is free! Download the app (GUCYCLE), and take a look at all the times of classes offered. Book the class and just show up!


B1-E05, Hubin Road Shopping Center, 150 Hubin Road, Huangpu Dist.,Shanghai

Jingan Kerry Center Mall B1 Floor (Southern Dist.), Yanan Middle Road, Jingan Dist., Shanghai

L’Avenue Boutique Mall L323-324, No.99 Xianxia Rd, Changning Dist., Shanghai



Z&B offers a plethora of classes with options for everyone! From yoga, to spin, to Zumba, to BodyPump, and so much more, you can definitely find something here. Looking for something new to try? Take Aerial Yoga! Z&B offers a beginners class. The Changle road location also just opened up a brand new gym and juice bar. Your first class is 50RMB. Check out their website to preview all of the classes offered and book online!


278 Shaanxi Road, 6th Floor, Golden Eagle Plaza, Jing’An, Shanghai

1219 Changle Road, 14th Floor, Xuhui, Shanghai

Sophomores Isabel Adler and Samantha Warsop enjoy aerial yoga at Z&B’s Changle road location.



Space Cycle, started in Taiwan, just opened its first Shanghai studio in September. In Taipei, it started as a yoga studio, but now it offers spin and barre. The brand new studio is beautiful, with state of the art facilities and a lounge for hanging out before and after class. Some classes are taught in Chinese. Space offers fun themed events too, like this weekend’s Ed Sheeran themed spin class! If you want to try spin but are a little nervous, head over to Space to take Cycle Light, a less intense spin class. Like GU, you need to download the app to view the schedule. Your first class is free! Space also sells high-quality workout clothing in the front of the studio so you can look good while working out. Sign up now!


Taikoo Hui Shopping Center L3

南京西路789号, 789 West Nanjing Road


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