Xinchang Ancient Watertown: A Hidden Treasure of Shanghai

OCA's Photojournalist Kate Pellegrino brings Xinchang Ancient Watertown to life through photos.

Explore Xinchang, a small ancient watertown located right in Shanghai!

Welcome to Xinchang Ancient Town, located in southern Pudong! Easily accessible from metro line 16 (station Xinchang), it’s just a quick bus ride to this remarkable hidden treasure of Shanghai.

The ancient town is nestled within a couple blocks of the Xinchang neighborhood itself. Walking through the stone entrance is like walking into another world filled with rich colors, bizarre smells, and a kafuffle of people.

The winding streets and alleyways center on a criss cross of small canalways. A mismatch of tiny bridges traverse the waterways providing elegant photo opportunities and a lovely view of the watertown.

The crowded main streets are lined with a variety of shops and vendors selling anything from pottery and jewelry, to classic street food and fresh groceries.

Away from the bustling main streets are a tangle of quaint allies. Tucked away from the commotion of visitors and shoppers, this is the ideal place to find a quiet tea house and relax after a day of exploring.

Located in the outskirts of Shanghai, Xinchang is relatively unknown to foreign tourists and makes for an easy afternoon trip. With it’s vibrant colors and intricate design, Xinchang Ancient Town has the atmosphere of a quaint watertown and is definitely worth the visit!

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Photo Credit: Kate Pellegrino

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