Shouning Lu: Street Food Heaven

Shouning Lu sits three blocks away from the Dashijie subway stop, and remains one of the few viable food streets in Shanghai. Turning onto the street, you are immediately met with the smell of 串 (skewers),炒饭 (fried rice), and the most amazing crayfish you will ever have.

Crayfish at stalls #17 and #23 are priced at 25 RMB/bowl, while stall #32 sells 8 pieces of 小籠包 (xiaolongbao) for 12 RMB and stall #38 sells garlic ginger oysters for 6 RMB each. You can also find various desserts from Hong Kong, actual fried snake, and a moon cake vendor that sells out every night. Take a right at the end of the street onto Renmin Lu and you will come upon Alibaba Xinjiang Restaurant – with juicy sticks of 羊肉 (lamb) and Xinjiang black beer.

Shouning Lu is lively and distinctly Chinese. Similar streets like Wujiang Lu, the Tangjiawan wet market, Pengpu night market, and Sipailou Lu have all fallen under the axe of government regulation, and disappeared without notice. This makes it even more important to visit the markets left. We only have so much time here in Shanghai and it would be unfortunate to miss out on something so distinct to Shanghai culture as street food and night markets. So grab your friends and set out on a night of cheap beer and great food, you won’t regret it.

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Photo Credit: WineCurious Blog (main image) and Sarah Tahir

Author: Sarah Tahir

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