Outfit of the Week: Vittoria Vitucci, Class of 2020

City Lights Editor Sabina Olsson delves into one of her favorite outfits from campus this week.

“I cut my hair just a couple of weeks ago! Well, I recently turned 19 and felt like I needed a change… and besides, having long hair actually got pretty annoying. My hair was, like, down to my butt, and it would get so hot in the summer, and it’d be annoying to brush it, since there was so much hair. So I’m really happy with my new hair, it feels great.”

“My favorite color is actually pink, and everyone knows it, since basically everything I own is pink. About today? Eh, well, you know, I decided on a more fall color aesthetic today. And also, most of my pink clothes are in the laundry right now sooo…”

This article was written by Sabina Olsson. Please send an email to managing@oncenturyavenue.com to get in touch.
Photo Credit: Maya Williams

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