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Go Green Week

Between Apr. 23 and 27, Student Interest Group Ecoherence and the Sustainability Committee organized a Go Green Week at NYU Abu Dhabi. Go Green Week was celebrated over the same days across all three NYU portal campuses. All of the events throughout the week promoted sustainable habits that people could integrate into their daily lives.

Reflecting on the week, Fisher Wu, Class of 2017 and president of Ecoherence, said that the aim of the week was to raise awareness on diverse ways of leading a sustainable life.

“The key message is that we don’t want to force people to become sustainable, but want to let people know that there are so many ways to become sustainable in our day-to-day life already, and people can choose whichever way they want to,” she said.

Each day had its own focus or theme.  Monday was Eco Art Day and Tuesday was Climate Change and Mindfulness Day. Workshops on making soap with cooking oil and making edible water bottles were also offered through the week.

On Apr. 25, the Director of the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment Mr. Fahad Al Hammadi gave the NYU Abu Dhabi community a lecture on innovations, education and partnerships being made in the field of climate change.

Latino Night

Crammed into the Marketplace and surrounded by the smells and colors of Latin America, students engaged with the culture of Latin America at Latino Night on the evening of Apr. 27. The annual event, which introduces and celebrates Latino culture and traditions, was hosted by the Latinoamérica SIG.

“For us Latinos it is an opportunity to get a taste of home, but even more importantly, it is an opportunity for us to share what that taste feels like with our friends,” said Flavia Cereceda, Class of 2019 and president of the Latinoamérica SIG.

There were several interactive booths at the event, including games such as Pin the Eyebrows on Frida. There were also dance routines, a limbo competition, and a performance by the Hojarasca Band, which included Latino and non-Latino students singing and playing popular Spanish tunes.

“There is nothing more satisfying than seeing our diverse student body attempt to make out the differences between the arepas, watching Vic Lindsay’s daughters running around in Day of the Dead face paint and seeing Coach Dicce successfully limbo,” said Cereceda when asked about the highlights of the event.



Bathed with the last of the day’s sunlight, the football pitch behind campus played host to an annual athletics tradition: the Interclassico. On Apr. 26, alumni and representatives of the Class of 2017 walked into the pitch, one last time, ready to compete against the underclassmen as students and staff cheered them on from the stands. This year, the football players wore special blue t-shirts in honor of Autism Awareness Month.

The underclassmen won both the women’s and co-ed games, with final scores of 3-2 and 3-0 respectively. For Yi Yi Yeap, class of 2017, the game was exhilarating and heartbreaking.

“The football team has been my family since freshman year. As Coach Dicce was talking to all of us at the end of the night, I was imagining what my life will be like without 7 a.m. trainings or late night dinners after coming back from games,” she said.

Coach Dicce wrote personalized emails to the five seniors who played throughout their undergraduate career, with instructions not to read them until after the game. “I was glad I followed his instructions because I would’ve been a hot mess on the field if I hadn’t,” added Yeap.

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