Senior Superlatives: Class of 2017

Find out who and what the Class of 2017 voted for at the 88 上海 Kick Off Ceremony!

Based on your votes from the 88 上海 Kick Off Ceremony*, here are the Class of 2017’s top choices:

Most likely to fall asleep in class:
Kevin Pham
Tyler Rhorick

Most likely to pull an all-nighter in the AB:
Alhan Fakhr
Kevin Pham
Musa Malik
Nicholas Sanchez

Most likely to become a reality TV star:
Ivan Marks
Kevin Pham

Most likely to become a politician:
Roxanne Roman
Alex Mayes
Musa Malik
Usama Shahid
Fikret Halilov

Perfect Couple:
Alex Brickhaus & Louise Draper
Shawn Sun & Nicole Lu
Max Reiff & Julie Hauge
Anna Schmidt & Amanda Zhao

Most likely to be seen at Starbucks:
Maggie Walsh
Kylee Borger
Hannah Johnstone

Most likely to be on catfish:
Jarred Kubas

Most likely to help with homework:
Casillas Sun
Jacob Rast
Leon Zhu

Most likely to be at Perry’s on a Tuesday night:
Luke Roesler
Carson Nemelka
Ian Soder
Rewant Prakash
Veronica Hernandez

Best course at NYU Shanghai:

Best place to catch lunch near school:
Eat Joy
Not the cafeteria

Best study space:
6th Floor

Best spot to nap:
6th floor lounge
In class
Library Stacks

Noodles vs. Skewers: Skewers (63.6%), Noodles (36.4%)

Family Mart vs. 7-Eleven: Family Mart (94.5%), 7 Eleven (5.5%)

AB vs. Geo: AB (50%), Geo (50%)

Subway or Bus: Subway (81.5%), Bus (18.5%)

Mobike or Ofo: Mobike (85.7%), Ofo (14.3%) or Meituan: (96.2%), Meituan (3.8%)

Cocos or Happy Lemon: Cocos (77.8%), Happy Lemon (22.2%)

International Students Dorm #2 or Motel 268: Int’l Student Dorm (67.3%), Motel 268 (32.7%)

Baijiu or Baijiu: Baijiu (50%), Baijiu (50%)

*Survey credits to the NYU Shanghai Class of 2017 Commencement Committee.

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Photo Credit: Lisa Barry

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