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Thomas Justin Klein, News Editor of The Gazelle, reports on developments at the NYU Abu Dhabi campus this week in OCA’s ongoing collaboration with The Gazelle.

Ms. Marvel Meetup With Sana Amanat

On Mar. 9, NYU Abu Dhabi hosted a panel with Sana Amanat, Marvel’s Director of Content and Character Development. Amanat is known for co-creating the first solo comic book series to feature a Pakistani-American Muslim female superhero, Kamala Khan, the new Ms. Marvel. The event was organized by the Women’s Leadership Network, the Strip Club, the Muslim Students Association and the Office of Community Outreach and was open to both NYU Abu Dhabi and the public.

“The purpose of the collaboration … was not only to invite … Sana Amanat to deliver a talk about her character Ms. Marvel, but also to reach out to a diverse audience. As the first female Pakistani-American Muslim superhero, that’s precisely what the character does as well, addressing a heterogeneous comic book audience that has historically been overlooked. The fact that our audience was a mixture of adolescents, students, professionals, ambassadors and academics means that we were successful in the realization of our original purpose,” said the Vice-President of WLN, Hafsa Ahmed, Class of 2020.


On Mar. 10, Student Interest Group TASHAN organized the traditional Hindu Holi festival of colors at the NYU Abu Dhabi Stadium. The festival was organized in the spirit of celebrating religious traditions that do not necessarily reach this part of the world.  Students took the event as an opportunity to relax amid studying for the upcoming midterm exams.

“Holi is a time when the whole community gets together and celebrates. It’s the one time where you can be a kid again and it’s completely normal. Holi is a big festival back home in Delhi,” explained Diya Gupta, Class of 2020. “This was my first Holi away from home and … the fact that I was able to bring one of my favourite festivals here and introduce it to my friends felt great,” said Gupta.
Weekend in D1

On the weekend of Mar. 9 and Mar. 10 the Student Government and the Office of Student Life invited students to join them at the West Dining Hall for two events. Thursday night kicked off the weekend with a party-like atmosphere, presenting a variety of student DJs and an accompanying light performance. On Friday night the improvised Comedy Troupe had its debut performance and all the spectators could joined in.

This article was written by Thomas Justin Klein . Please send an email to managing@oncenturyavenue.com to get in touch.
Photo Credit: The Gazelle

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