Avoiding the Second Semester Slump

After a long winter break, getting back into the spring semester is always a challenge.

Coming back from winter break is no easy task, especially given that this year’s NYU Shanghai winter break was considerably longer than others. As many of us took the opportunity to slump into our beds and Netflix binge, snapping out of those habits is much easier said than done.

Make plans with your friends, fun plans, to get back into the swing of honoring your commitments. Go get lunch, or go to a cafe and crank some homework out while you’re munching. School work is a lot less painful when accompanied by friends and a good meal. Even more importantly, get out of the Academic Building! It’s easy to get sucked into sitting in the library all day, and I find that it often proves counterproductive. Find somewhere new to study, or even just take a twenty minute break and walk around outside. Switching up your routine will help avoid the second semester slump.

We all tell ourselves that this year is the year we are finally going to start going to the gym. Make it a habit! Pick a week and go every single day. I tried it, and even though I never have time to go every day, I always find myself feeling guilty because that one week I did go every single day. It’s a mind game, and guilting yourself into going to the gym is one way of playing. Keep a pair of sneakers and some gym clothes in your locker or a friend’s locker all the time so you can never throw yourself the “Oh I forgot my clothes” excuse. Even if it’s just a ten minute run on the treadmill or a quick workout video, being active not only improves your physical state, but emotional state too. It helps relieve stress and overall helps shed that groggy second semester slump feeling.

And lastly, make time for you. Set aside a few minutes a day or a few hours a week to do something you like doing. Been studying for a while? Take an hour long break and catch up on your Netflix show, or play Candy Crush, or online shop, or go to Starbucks. It doesn’t matter what, but working hard towards a small reward makes staying focused and dedicated that much easier.
Eat healthy, live happy, and say goodbye to the second semester slump.

This article was written by Isabel Adler. Please send an email to managing@oncenturyavenue.com to get in touch.
Illustration Credit: Sarabi Eventide

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