Charlie’s: Delicious, Fast, Casual Burgers

Located on Changshu Rd. between Jing’an Temple and the French Concession, Charlie’s might easily be missed by most passersby given the abundance of western-style restaurants in this area. However, Charlie’s offers a nice fast-casual dining experience that I have yet to find anywhere else in Shanghai and it is definitely worth a try.

The atmosphere is reminiscent of Five Guys or Shake Shack, with a large open kitchen and relatively simple menu. Burgers, hot dogs, fries, and shakes are all you’ll find here, but that’s not to say there is not some variety. In addition to regular French fries, they also offer “Awesome” fries doused in cheddar cheese or Sichuan style fries for those who like things spicy. The milkshakes also do not disappoint. You can find all the classics along with some spiked shakes and other interesting flavors like Taro or Nutella.

When my food arrived, I found the burger to be a bit smaller than I had expected, but it was nevertheless filling. The fries were good, though nothing special. And my milkshake, chocolate with some Jim Beam bourbon added, was excellent. If specialty burgers with lots of toppings are your thing, Charlie’s probably is not for you. However, if you want something better than a fast-food burger without breaking the bank, Charlie’s is a must try. I spent just over ¥100 splurging on some of the menu’s more expensive items, but you could easily spend less than that and get a good amount of food.

If you’re looking to change things up, Charlie’s is a great alternative of comparable quality to many of Shanghai’s other burger joints such as Beef and Liberty or Blue Frog. You might even save a little money too.

Address: 89 Changshu Rd. near exit 6 of Changshu Rd. (Line 7) / 常熟路89号

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Author: Benjamin Haller

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