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Ye Hongxing's exhibition uses murals and sculptures to challenge ideas of accumulation.

Art+ Shanghai Gallery sits on a quiet, unassuming street in Shanghai’s Bund neighborhood.  Set on South Suzhou Road, the gallery is just a few minutes walk from the Bund and some of Shanghai’s oldest and most historic buildings. However, the art inside the gallery is just as striking as the architecture outside. Until Dec. 31, the gallery plays host to Ye Hongxing’s “The Accumulation of Silence.”

Ye Hongxing is a Chinese artist based in Beijing, and has been exhibited in Art+ Shanghai before. Her works currently on display include murals and sculptures, with the end goal of forcing the viewer to closely examine their everyday lives and the goals they strive for.

From a distance, the murals appear to be kaleidoscopic mosaics, featuring familiar images like tigers, birds, Storm Troopers, and symbols from the currency of various countries. However, a closer look reveals that the murals are actually made up of thousands of tiny stickers, such as the kind you can buy in bulk from Taobao or any roadside stationery store. The juxtaposition between huge mural and tiny stickers is fascinating–whether you are standing close or far away, it’s easy to sense how much time Ye put into her works.

The gallery also features numerous white sculptures of perfume bottles and representations of Himalayan Mani stones, typically used by those of the region to display prayers and wishes from the previous generation. However, Ye’s purpose is different–through piling the stones on top of each other and crowding stickers into murals, she aims to display a sense of accumulation, of the everyday “stuff” that crowds our modern lives. “This concept of pointless accumulation is central to the work of Ye Hongxing, whether expressed through piles of stones, stickers or numerous small marble sculptures,” states the Accumulation of Silence press release.

Whether looking for a deep criticism of modern society, or just some unique art, be sure to stop by Art+ Shanghai soon. The address is 191 South Suzhou Road. If Art+ Shanghai just isn’t enough, be sure to walk the ten minutes to the Rockbund Art Museum located in a cluster of historical Bund residences.

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