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State of emergency in Ethiopia

Ethiopians are protesting the government, pushing for greater rights for the Oromo and Amharic ethnic groups. In response, the government has instituted a state of emergency resulting in severe internet crackdowns. Facebook, Whatsapp, and foreign media services have all been limited, and foreign diplomats are not allowed to travel over 40 kilometers from the capital.


Anti-IS forces move on Mosul

The Iraqi city of Mosul is the Islamic State’s last major stronghold, and Iraqi and Kurdish forces prepare to take the city back. The fighting has driven over five thousand people to flee the city so far. IS is stepping up their resistance even as reports from inside Mosul indicate basic necessities are running out.


China touches down in space

In China’s sixth manned spaceflight, the ship Shenzhou XI blasted off from northwest China and successfully docked at the Tiangong II space lab. Chinese astronauts will remain in the lab for thirty days, conducting research and experiments.


U.S. elections are a major health concern

52% of U.S. adults claim that the Presidential elections are a “significant source of stress.” The American Psychological Association has released a list of ways to cope, such as limiting media consumption, voting, and getting involved in volunteering to make a difference for a cause you believe in.


China’s Weibo beats out Twitter

Launched in 2009, China’s “microblogging” platform Weibo was copied off of the more popular Twitter. However, recent news has revealed Weibo is winning over its pseudo-parent: Twitter’s market cap was 11.22 billion USD, while Weibo’s was 11.32 billion USD. With 282 million monthly active users, Weibo continues to shine while Twitter slides.

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Photo Credit: Chloe Haddaway

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