Alert: Changes in NYU Shanghai Departments

Ori De Angelis reports on the merging of two NYU Shanghai departments, Public Relations and Web Service, into University Communications.

Due to the fact that New York University Shanghai is merely four years old, changes in faculty, classes, and policies are bound to happen. One of the most recent adjustments endured by the university is the merging of two departments: Public Relations and Web Service. But does this merger affect the new department’s functionalities?

NYU Shanghai’s previous Public Relations department used to consist of a diminutive number of staffers who were all assigned to various parts of the administration.  The key role of the Public Relations staff was to speak with the public, representing NYU Shanghai and delivering essential messages to selected audiences.

Throughout the previous year, it was a consensual decision made by the administration to unify the public affairs team and web service staff members into a single department: University Communications. The sole objective behind the unification was to strengthen communication and marketing skills within the university. Because of the merger, both departments were now working together in order to “raise the visibility of NYU Shanghai as the leader of a new breed of institutions in global higher education,” according to Thomas Bruce, senior counselor at NYU Shanghai.

As of now, the University Communications has been establishing communication bridges that were previously hard to accomplish due to the extensity of our college. Another of the new department’s key roles is to provide assistance for those from differing cultures who wish to get involved in struggles around the world and are looking beyond conflicts in their country of origin. And finally, University Communications is also meant to promote the way NYU Shanghai is preparing its students to tackle these global challenges.

More specifically, the department of University Communications, as explained by Bruce, is in charge of:

  • “Building compelling and useful online platforms that reflects NYU Shanghai every day.
  • Publishing a weekly gazette for all faculty, staff, and students that weaves together all aspects of life and work on campus, including news, features, videos, photos and a “campus wire.”
  • Developing relationships with mainstream media and higher education “trade” outlets to earn broad, accurate, and favorable recognition and coverage.
  • Promoting a vibrant social media presence across all relevant platforms, starting with WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, and Instagram.”

All in all, University Communications seems to have made substantial progress after the merger. It is safe to say that its main purpose, establishing a strong communication bridge between NYU Shanghai and the public, is being achieved.

This article was written by Ori De Angelis. Please send an email to to get in touch.
Photo Credit: NYU Shanghai

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