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Huawei Dreams of India

Chinese mobile phone giant Huawei announced they will be opening up a plant in Chennai, India. As growth in China slows, Huawei is looking to expand their brand and make a move into India by accessing local markets and workers.


Internet Addiction Leads to Murder

China is shocked by the high-profile case of a girl who murdered her mother for sending her to an “internet addiction treatment” college in Shandong. The girl herself claims the college abused her, backed up by several other former students. Chinese society is struggling with the question of so many young people becoming addicted to the internet and how to best help them.


Superstar Split

One of Hollywood’s favorite couples, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, have filed papers to end their two years of marriage. Jolie applied for custody of their six children, though the exact reasons behind the split are not yet known. Is there such a thing as true love?


Gabon’s Fragile Election

After a close election, Ali Bongo was confirmed to be President of the oil-rich African nation of Gabon continuing his family’s fifty-year political rule. After his rival claimed that the vote was unfair and called for a recount, riots broke out and the government imposed a media crackdown. The U.S. and the UN both called for restraint and peace.


Snap Sunglasses

Can’t stop snapping? Might be time to save up for Snapchat’s newest product, a sunglass line with a built-in camera that records up to thirty seconds of video at a time. The glasses will go on sale later in 2016 for around 130 USD, and the company will be rebranding itself as Snap, Inc to reflect their new product line.

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Photo Credit: Chloe Haddaway

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