Quiz: Are You Ready to Attend NYU Shanghai?

How ready are you for NYU Shanghai?

It’s a new school year, and everyone is off to have a different adventure. Take this quiz to find out if you are really ready to become a part of the NYU Shanghai community!

Have you previously bought and/or sported NYU Shanghai merchandise such as a sweatshirt, school flag, mug, lanyard from Candidates Weekend/Admitted Student Weekend, etc.?
True or False: You are okay with being out of your comfort zone.
Have you already changed the "Education" section of your Facebook profile to say NYU Shanghai?
True or false: You have already attempted to use the Shanghai subway system at least three times.
Are you already planning your study abroad semester?
True or False: You have planned a possible schedule for finishing all your major requirements over 8 semester.
Do you already have WeChat downloaded on your phone?


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Photo Credit: Kadallah Burrowes 


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