Quinta’s昆塔斯: Restaurant Review

Zihe Wang reviewed a new chicken shop in Jing'an.

服务生得知我们是在饭事 Fancy App 上购买的四人餐优惠套餐,依然对我们一视同仁,服务周到。在等餐的时候,看看周围的装饰,有着欧洲工业复古风酒吧餐厅风格,舒适惬意的氛围让人感到很放松。非常适合三两好友一起聚餐聊天,情侣约会等等。
等了10几分钟,服务员端上一条长约1米的料理板,上面摆满了许多精致诱人的食物。猜想Peri Peri烤鸡是这家的主打菜,烤得很到位,色、香、味俱全,肉嫩皮脆,饱满有汁。酱料的种类也有很多,蜂蜜,烧烤,辣酱等等。还有炸烤翅拼盘和昆塔斯Kebab鸡肉卷,里面的食材搭配得很多,饼皮也制作得恰到好处。当然也有健康精致的配菜,蒸南瓜,蔬菜沙拉等等。自制饮料和草莓啤酒也非常沁人心脾。

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On an early spring night, a trace of coolness is still floating in the air. Go straight to the corner of the quiet Yandang Lu. It’s easy to find in the shade of the trees,  “Quinta’s”. Stepping into the door of the restaurant, the warm colour layout came into view. The brick wall, chandeliers, the spacious wood seats, exquisite furnishings, and the stove in front of the open kitchen, you feel warm almost instantaneously.

Even though the waiter knew we bought the coupon for a four-person set meal on Fancy App, they still treated us with warm and thoughtful service. During the waiting time, I looked around the surroundings, the European industrial retro bar style creates a comfortable atmosphere, which makes people feel really relaxed. For both those on dates and friends chatting, this is no doubt a good choice.

After a 10-minute wait, an approximately one-meter long chopping board was brought to the table. The “Peri Peri” chicken is the main dish and was well-baked with a great smell, taste, and color. Crisp skin and tender juicy meat; my mouth was watering immediately. There are also many kinds of sauces on offer, such as honey, barbecue, hot sauce, and so on. What’s more, the deep fried roast wing platter and Quinta’s kebab chicken roll are mixed with lots of ingredients inside, and is cooked to perfection. Of course, if you’re looking for healthier dishes, like steamed pumpkin, vegetable salad and so on. It’s worth to mention that the homemade beverages and the strawberry beer are also soothing on the heart and mind.


101 Yandang Lu, near Nanchang Lu
Open from 17:00 – 22:30.

This article was written by Zihe Wang. Please send an email to managing@oncenturyavenue.com to get in touch.
Photo Credit: Zihe Wang

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